Leap of Faith

I posted this on my old blog during the summer and realised no one had probably seen it; so here it is again 🙂


It’s funny how life takes its twists and turns; it can lead to unexpected places.  This has always been true of my life in general and now also my crafting journey.


Three years ago I picked up a hook and some yarn and attempted to learn to crochet.  I am normally quite impatient with myself when learning anything and my concentration has never been good, but I persevered and eventually I found I could do a simple granny square and that was it, I had the crochet bug.  Since then I haven’t looked back and I’ve enjoyed constantly challenging myself.  I took a leap of faith and was rewarded.


My challenges started as small things, my first toy, my first blanket and so on.  After a while I realised I was lonely in my crafting and I had no ‘real life’ friends who shared my love of crochet and crafts in general.  So I decided to challenge myself again and start a YouTube channel.  It was a very slow and rocky start and I did give up for a while, but my need to share and connect remained, so I tried one final time in the hope something would change.  It was the best decision I’ve made.  Since then my channel has grown, I have been blessed with more ‘online craft friends’ than I could have hoped for and whom have been beyond kind and generous towards me.  And I am no longer lonely.


I have now found myself needing a new challenge.  So after allowing fear of being rejected, of being ‘not good enough’ and self-doubt in general to conquer me for a while, I have fought back.  This has been, and always is, my biggest challenge.  I suffer from crippling anxiety and depression, which has endured for years.  Sometimes the black dog wins, but I always fight back.  I have fought hard to overcome it to achieve a goal I set myself and now I am proud to say I have succeeded!  I have finally created my own crochet pattern.  It is a fairly simple pattern, but you have to start somewhere don’t you?!


I have taken a ‘leap of faith’ in the hope that I can not only achieve something I have worked hard for, but most importantly that it will bring joy and happiness to others.  Life cannot get better than that!


You can find my pattern at https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/reflection-cross-stitch-cushion


Until next time

Stay True to Yourself



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